Our licensed professionals have been solving electrical issues all across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our electricians can repair any manner of industrial, commercial and residential electrical challenges.

Fiber Optic

Installing fiber optic communications can be challenging. With our experienced pros, its just another day in the office. You can trust that our team will have your technology connected and functioning properly.

Engineering and Drafting

We offer industry leading Engineering and Drafting to all our customers. This is not only essential in mission critical jobs, but also offers a great piece of mind that it's an in-house position.

High-voltage Construction

Working with and around high-voltage construction is a very dangerous and nerve racking job. Our professionals are highly skilled and take great lengths in saftey when dealing with such a task. You can trust that the job when be done correctly and safely.

Fire Alarm

Proper fire alarm installation is critical in the case of a fire. It can be the difference of life or death. We approach fire alarm installation very seriously, and strategiclly. We understand getting this right the first time is crucial.


Telecommunications are a vital part of any successful business. We take great care in our installation of such communications, and pride ourselves in the time we take keeping everything in line and clean. This makes it much easier to trouble shoot any future problems that may arise when upgrading these types of systems.

Generator Installation

Becdel Controls can professionally install the latest in residential power outage management. We are a certified Generac® dealer/installer.

Emergency Repairs

We have all been there. It can happen anytime. In the middle of a heatwave or a blizzard. When the power is out, we are in. We find that we do our best work when the pressure is on. If its important to you, then its important to us.

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